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Aquabond™ water soluble adhesives is an advanced adhesive process and offers important benefits for the temporary mounting of your workpiece. The Aquabond water based debonding technology is superior to the solvent debonding solution you are using now.

Aquabond™ Temporary Adhesive Cost Benefits

Non-hazardous, biodegradable
Safe to handle
Sewer disposable
Environmentally and worker safe water based debonding takes minutes

Costs of Using Solvents

Solvents are hazardous and costly
Handling requires stringent safety procedures
Hazmat disposal is expensive
Must comply with Fed and State regs
Attendant health and safety hazards
Solvent debonding takes hours

Case Study of our Advanced Adhesives

"Environmentally Friendly Adhesives for Optical Components"


Aquabond 85™ slicing and dicing magnets.

Single crystal boules

Aquabond 85™ slabbing sapphire, garnet and other hard materials.

Dicing 1.4mm thin film filters

Aquabond 85™ and Aquabond 65™ slicing dicing filters.

Grinding and polishing compound wafers

Silicon wafer applied to a puck with Aquabond 55™ for grinding

Dicing coated single crystal material

Isolators diced using Aquabond 85™ . Bottom side chipouts <5um